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Chiropractic Neurology, Sidney Crosby, and The Future!

Is there a similarity between the idea that the most common cause of an ankle sprain is a previous ankle sprain and the fact that the best way to recover from a concussion is to actually “strengthen” the brain?!

I think that’s what Dr. Ted Carrick thinks. Carrick is chiropractor, amongst many other things, who has devoted his life to the field of chiropractic neurology. Or, functional neurology. He is one of the doctors looking after Sidney Crosby’s concussion recovery. Carrick and his team are using inventive technology to not only assess the concussed/diseased brain but to stimulate its recovery. Check out the article in Maclean’s magazine, November 14, 2011 edition. Brilliant read.

I’ve told you all (most of you, since most of you have had an ankle sprain) that the number one cause of a sprained ankle is a previous sprained ankle! Why? Because once the first sprain happens the strength and proprioception of the ankle joint and ligaments and muscles are compromised. I encounter so many patients who complain of ankle and foot symptoms with no known cause … until I ask about a previous sprained ankle. The response is always the same: “Oh yeah, when I was younger I sprained the ankle and it has never been the same!”. If you’ve sprained your ankle in the past, and been in to see me, I’ve likely given you a handout full of exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate the ankle joint. Do them! If you forget them, come in to see me to discuss.

Same goes for the brain. Why wouldn’t it? The most common cause of a concussion is a previous concussion? Maybe. Probably. How should we deal with concussions? Same as an ankle sprain, I think. Rest it, heal it, and then strengthen it back to 100%, or as close as we can. This is what Dr. Carrick is doing with Sid, and it’s working! Look for his return to the Pittsburgh Penguins soon.

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