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Injuries, Pain, Health Complaints

Below is the incomplete list of many reasons people visit my office.  Don’t see your reason on the list?  Email  or call  me to find out if I can help you.

  1. Back Pain

  2. Disc Bulges & Sciatica

  3. Neck Pain

  4. Headaches

  5. Numbness, Pins & Needles

  6. Sports Injuries

  7. Repetitive Strain Injuries (sprains/strains/tendon injuries – such as “golfer’s elbow” & “tennis elbow”)

  8. Extremity injuries (Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Hips, Knees, Ankles, Hands & Feet)

  9. Foot Pain – including Plantar Fasciitis

  10. Arthritis

  11. Scoliosis

  12. Workplace & Auto Accidents

  13. Pregnancy Related Pain

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