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Dr. B is both your Chiropractor and your Trainer.

Dr. B is both a chiropractor and your trainer.

Exercise & Personal Training in Toronto

Exercise is a necessary component to our lives.  Much like brushing your teeth daily became standard practice for oral health, regular exercise needs to be included in everyone’s life to ensure physical (and mental) health.  Most of us are fairly sedentary during the day at work (and at night watching television!), so we need to infuse exercise into our lives to keep our muscles and bones strong, and our joints moving properly.

Taking an inventory of my patients’ exercise routines is standard protocol in my office.  By blending physical therapy with exercise, we maximize the impact of our services.  Exercise takes on many forms and purposes:

  • Exercise for fun, competition, social connectedness, and general health
  • Corrective exercises to restore health to the injured body
  • Exercise to prevent injury
  • Exercise to improve performance and optimize the health and functionality of the body

Depending on your goals and/or needs, the above exercise purposes will be important to you at different times.  I routinely assess my patients’ needs and prescribe corrective exercises as part of a patient’s treatment plan.  Corrective exercises can be such an important component to a treatment plan that sometimes we dedicate a significant portion, or the entirety, of a treatment visit to doing the exercises together.  In this setting, my role as chiropractor blends with my role as your personal trainer.


Physical Therapy¹ ↔ Corrective Exercises² ↔ Exercise / Training

    1. The ‘Physical Therapy’ experience is different for different people with different needs, and depends on the physical therapist.  Chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopathic manual practitioners are all physical therapists. Nowadays, an evidence-informed physical therapist should be balancing the patient’s wants and needs with the therapist’s experience AND what the science tells us is the most effective way to help you get better, and stay better.  Dr. Berenstein is an evidence-informed chiropractor.
    2. ‘Corrective Exercises’ become an essential part of your rehabilitation in order to restore healthy body mechanics, strength, and mobility.


Because exercise is part of your rehabilitation, Dr. Berenstein also plays the role as your personal trainer.  Dr. Berenstein will demonstrate and assist you in performing any of your rehabilitation exercises.  And, you have access to Dr. Berenstein’s YouTube channel to watch many of the exercises that he prescribes.

When your exercise needs go beyond the chiropractor’s office capabilities, Dr. Berenstein can recommend personal trainers to work with you at your home or gym.

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