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We Can Help

Dr. Michael Berenstein provides cutting edge care that helps you heal from symptoms such as neck pain, back pain and more. Your journey toward health starts right now, because we’re here for you.


We love helping adults and children, we are eager to help the entire family!

“The great part about chiropractic care is that it’s completely natural, gentle and perfectly customized to your needs. And, by combining chiropractic care with rehab exercises and laser therapy, your body has the ability to heal much faster than you may have thought possible.”

“You’ll be surprised at how great you can feel again.”

Shoulder Pain

Some call Dr. Berenstein the “Shoulder Guru.” “I’ve had advanced continuing education in shoulder treatment and diagnosis and love seeing patients with shoulder complaints.  It’s a joy to see patients leave feeling better, able to achieve range of motion without any pain. It’s very inspiring!”

Knees, Ankles and Pains That Won’t Go Away

“Patients come to me with a variety of problems such as back and neck pain, knee and ankle issues etc. Other common ailments are golf elbows, tennis elbows and wrist problems. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. We’ll work together to get you the relief you want.”


Are you suffering from arthritis? “I’ve helped a lot of patients who couldn’t find relief until they came here. Some have had other treatments for years but haven’t found a good solution until they came to me for chiropractic care.” Give us a call today so we can see how we can help you find comfort again.

Family Care

“We love helping adults and children, and even better is the entire family. Seeing families come in and get healthy together brings joy to our hearts.” When one family member benefits, everyone does.

Unique Medical Conditions

Have a health concern you’re not sure if chiropractic care can help with? “I’m happy to meet with you to see if our care can help you lead a full and fantastic life. We’ll explain everything so you can completely understand our ideas for care. We know it’s important that you understand the process and the expected results, and we’ll make sure that’s exactly how it goes.”

“The earlier we can diagnose a problem, the quicker we can find a solution! Feel free to contact our Toronto chiropractic office today we can get started.”

Dr. Michael Berenstein | (416) 700-3054