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Toronto Chiropractor in Yorkville | Dr. Michael Berenstein

Dr. Michael Berenstein

Filling My Father’s “Healthcare” Shoes


Dr. Michael Berenstein, circa 2017

Watching his father help people through dentistry, Dr. Michael Berenstein’s interest in healthcare started at an early age.

“The fact that I looked up to my father only enhanced my love for science. As I grew older, I became increasingly interested in sports, athletics and the study of science. This is mainly why I studied biology and kinesiology in school.”

“Looking back over the years, I can say that almost every aspect of my early life led to leaning towards a career in chiropractic care. For me, it was the perfect combination of body movement, sports and science.”

“The fact that I can combine all of these core passions into a career which actually helps people is something I’ve always wanted. I love working with people and knowing that I’m making a difference is truly worth it.”

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I’ve Grown So Much as A Chiropractor

Dr. Berenstein went on to study at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and his education definitely helped him prepare for his own practice. “However, it was only once I actually began practicing that I realized how much of a difference chiropractic care can make in your life, it’s so inspiring.”

“I’ve learned so much over the years and I love helping people find relief from a variety of health issues. The best training I’ve had is my decade of hands-on experience… you don’t get that from a textbook.”

BSc(Hons), DC, FRCms, FR
  • certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms)
  • certified Functional Range Release provider (FR)
  • certified Graston Technique Provider
  • certified Laser Therapist
  • certified Custom Orthotic Provider

The Road Less Taken…

“Some aspects of being a chiropractor have been quite challenging for me and other chiropractors too. For instance, once I had the opportunity to work with a group of family doctors earlier in my career. I had to convince them that I could genuinely help them and their patients, they just didn’t believe in chiropractic care until they actual saw it work.”

“Today, although I don’t work with those doctors anymore, they still refer patients to me. These challenges, though they seem daunting at first, only confirm my faith in the power of chiropractic care. And, I will continue to be an advocate for such an incredible profession.”

Caring for My Family, And You Too…

“My lovely wife and I have a little boy who lights up our lives. And, in keeping with my love for the outdoors, I’m a triathlete and I take my training sessions very seriously. Overall, I pour a lot of love into the lives of my family and patients. And, I’d like to help you next.”

“Give me a call so I can help you live a life full of joy!”

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