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A Summer To Remember

Welcome to the first blog on the new site. This new website has been up and running for a couple months now, but I have yet to post a blog entry. My apologies. The content of today’s blog will bring you up to speed on the goings on with me over the past few months, and in doing so explain the lack of bloggage.

First, to those who know me and have been following my blogs up to now, I am happy to report that I successfully completed my first Sprint Triathlon this summer! On Saturday, June 19 in Guelph, in the scorching heat, I competed in the only triathlon I would attempt this season. Success! The swim beat me down quite a bit, but I managed to get back to shore where it was smoother sailing. I had visions of competing in a second sprint this summer, but things got quite busy:

Second: Only days before the triathlon, we received an unsolicited offer to buy our house! After initially refusing such offer, we decided to sell. So much for a restful week before the triathlon. Excitement and stress ruled the week. (Perhaps an easy excuse for why the swim beat me up so badly.) So, we sold the house, then raced the triathlon, and then began searching the city for our new home. In Berenstein-esque fashion, we acted quickly, found, and bought our new home!! We moved out and in on the same day a couple weeks ago. All went smoothly, aside from a two hour delay because the moving truck blew a gasket. Now we are moved and settling in.

Third: Sandwiched between the triathlon and all the house stuff, a minor detail of moving my chiropractic practice occurred! Another stressful event that proved successful. A new office at Satori Urban Wellness, new website, blog, newsletter, etc., has me very excited about chiropractic wellness.

So, suffice it to say it has been a very busy summer. All good things though. I plan to keep populating this blog with various things, including research updates, health advice, and all sorts of other tidbits about life as a chiropractor, Toronto sports fan, amateur triathlete, etc.

Stay tuned … and thanks for reading!

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