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Reviews for Dr. Michael Berenstein

What Our Patients Say . . .

View what Dr. Michael Berenstein’s patients had to say about him and his office. Please check back often as we will continue to add to this page. We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give us a call today!

First Class Experience!

First class experience! Coming from clinics that treat you like a number I sure did value the overall customer experience from booking to receiving the treatment. More importantly, a new sense of hope that I can tackle this injury that has been stuck with me for over 8 months.
-Michael T.

Improvement After Only Two Visits

I’m so happy I found Dr Michael Berenstein. I honestly believe with his help my condition will improve. I have already seen an improvement after 2 visits.
-Mary L.

Neck Pain Gone

My neck pain is almost gone! What a difference on my bike though, zero stiffness or pain over 3 hour rides. Obviously, my hip’s were out of line like you said because my lower back is getting no pain either from the bike.

-Eric P.

Very Impressed

I had a great initial appointment with Dr. Michael Berenstein, DC. I’ve seen many chiropractors as well as other health practitioners in various fields and I was very impressed with his integrative approach to assessing and treating me. He’s very knowledgeable, personable and very good at explaining his reasoning behind what he does and what he prescribes in terms of exercises. I will definitely return to see him in the future. The clinic itself is very well run and a lovely atmosphere. I look forward to visiting their other health practitioners in the future.

-Alyssa B..

Good Health And Mobility

Great to have Dr. Berenstein explain his process and exactly how chiropractic helps to maintain good health and mobility!

-Graeme M.

Very Informative

Great energy, very informative, honest consultation, and the exercises I was shown will be very helpful!

-Amye P.

Very Thorough

Very thorough and professional.

-Melanie S.

Wonderful Service

Thank you for your wonderful service, and taking the time to listen to me and performing a very thorough consultation! My leg began to feel immediately better the next day after seeing you. I will definitely be booking my next appointment with you extremely soon.

-Sabrina S.


I was impressed with how gentle the treatment was. He made me feel at ease during the entire process.

-Darrell C.

Explained Everything

I liked that Dr. Berenstein explained everything that he was doing before and while he was doing it. Plus the exercises he gave me actually help.

-Mandida S.

Thank You

I wish to thank Dr. Michael Berenstein and your team for making room for me on you schedule so fast. As a tourist in your fine city and desperately in need of care I was very grateful that you could give me a great analysis and treatment, to get me back to walking and enjoying my holiday. Thanks again.

-Margit D.

Very Grateful

I am very grateful that my osteopath recommended that I see Dr. Berenstein! I wasn’t familiar with laser treatments and truly appreciated that Dr. Berenstein clearly explained the benefits and process involved, to help me heal from a sports injury. Dr. Berenstein’s professionalism and effective communication also helped reduce the stress caused by my injury, as the healing progressed well.

-Helene B.

Very Helpful

Dr. Berenstein was very helpful and took the time to listen to my concerns and explain all treatment options, with lots of suggestions. After his first treatment my symptoms have almost completely disappeared. I highly recommend him.

-Carlo Z.

Shoulder Issue

The chiropractor had a lot of knowledge regarding my injury and was able to explain to me my issue while providing examples in preventing further stress on my shoulder. The confidence I have received from has was very proactive and encouraging. This will help me continue my exercises with out getting lazy.

-Jesse T.

Neck Issue

I travel a great deal for work and consequently, I am often on an airplane and in different hotel beds. All of this adds up to aggravating my back and neck issues. I am so pleased to know this chiropractor is in Toronto and available to me when I am working in that city. He is an exceptional chiropractor, I just wish he was available in every city.

-T. Aaron D.

Low Back Pain

Great guy, great Doctor, Great Clinic. Gets me back on my feet again when I injure my back. I’d have had many more painful days and lost work days if it weren’t for him!



I went to see this chiropractor to see if he could help me with headaches I was experiencing on and off for a week or so. He carefully examined me and explained what was going on with the alignment of my neck and how this was likely the cause of my ongoing headache. Before performing an adjustment, he massaged the areas surrounding where the problem was apparently coming from. And then gently and quickly he adjusted my neck.The immediate relief was amazing. No more headache!! I will definitely continue seeing this chiropractor, he is very knowledgeable and I don’t feel intimidated by his language or approach to adjusting, as I have with other chiropractors in the past.


Plantar Fasciitis

An amazing chiropractor. His level of professionalism and problem-solving skills are second to none. He attempts to get to the very source of the problem and devise an approach to alleviate any pain that you might have. In my case, he worked diligently to perfect a winning “formula” for my customized orthotics to solve my plantar fasciitis issues, which I suffered from for over a year. The pain has now completely disappeared! Now I only come in every now and then to maintain a healthy lower back. Thanks!


Back Pain

A highly skilled and compassionate doctor. His multidisciplinary approach combines the technology of laser therapy, the use of cranio-sacral therapy and custom orthotics to circumvent and treat my symptoms. I have had continued success and am confident he can assist you in any kind of pain management. Gracias!


Torn Bicep Muscle

A great chiropractor, he has helped me with a number of problems over several years. My latest problem was a torn bicep and with laser therapy, it helped to shorten the healing process by several weeks! He is not only a very knowledgeable chiropractor but also a caring person!


Low Back Pain

Thanks for the great treatment! I literally feel so much better – much stronger. Am feeling re-energized and this makes it easier to do the exercises I need to do, so thanks again!



I have been seeing my chiropractor since he started his practice, unlike my doctor, he actually cares about his patients and helps them to heal. Without him, I would be a rigid ball of pain with seriously limited mobility. If you care about the quality of your life — health-wise — you owe it to yourself to make an appointment and start living a pain-free life.


Neck and Back Pain

I suffered severe chronic upper back and neck pain as a result of an out-of-position cervical (neck) disc. After some vigorous physiotherapy, the disc was properly re-positioned, which removed the neck pain. However, there remained this aggravating upper back pain (referred pain) that persisted even after months of physiotherapy. I was referred to Dr. Michael Berenstein by one of his former patients. After a brief assessment, he made “adjustments” to my back over a few visits and suddenly the pain went away.  It was like a miracle, but it wasn’t.  It was science.  My thanks to this wonderful man and the people who gave him this knowledge.


Dr. Michael Berenstein | (416) 700-3054