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Spinal Manipulation in Downtown Toronto

chiropractor adjusting patient's backJoints allow bones to articulate (move) with one another. The spinal joints allow for the proper movement and function of your spine. Spinal joints that aren’t moving right prevent proper functioning of your spine, can irritate nearby nerves, and cause compensation elsewhere in the body.

When spinal manipulation is not appropriate or a patient prefers not to have this form of care, other methods/techniques can be used.

Reduce Pain & Restore Motion

Chiropractic spinal manipulation, also known as “adjustments,” help to reduce pain and restore motion and alignment to these stuck joints. Properly functioning spinal joints not only helps you move and feel better, but also decreases the body’s compensation throughout the body. This gives health the best opportunity to return.

Spinal manipulation is a “high velocity, low amplitude” hands-on thrust to the spinal bones to restore joint motion, reduce muscle tightness and decrease pain. Sometimes, the “adjustment” results in a popping or cracking sound, called a cavitation. The cavitation is the result of gas-release and/or suction release of the joint as it is moved.

Natural, Safe Treatment

Whether Dr. Michael Berenstein uses spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, or other rehab techniques depends on the individual patient and particular health issue. When appropriate, spinal manipulation and/or mobilizations are a natural, safe, and effective method for treating spine-related neuro-musculoskeletal health conditions.


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