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Functional Range Conditioning

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Scientifically based, Functional Range Conditioning is a system that trains the body to restore and achieve higher levels of flexibility, strength, and ultimately mobility.

Other training methods or rehabilitative exercises tend to focus on passive flexibility or limited range of motion strength.  Science tells us that flexibility improvements are actually achieved greater and quicker when strengthening the tissue is involved.  Limited range of motion strengthening has benefits, but fails to produce strength in various ranges of motion and thus limiting its real-world practicality.

Being flexible does not produce a stronger body, or a body that prevents injury.  In fact, some science explains that passive stretching may even cause more injury.  Similarly, being strong or ‘stable’ in one position does not prepare the body for life’s events that push us out of our one position and into positions and ranges of motion that we have not prepared for.

F.R.C. systematically trains the body to achieve strength and flexibility throughout the various joints of the body to create a whole body that is ready for all ranges of motion and positions. F.R.C. can be applied to the injured body part(s) and can systematically and progressively be applied to the well body looking to achieve greater levels of strength, flexibility, and overall mobility.

Dr. Michael Berenstein is a certified Functional Range Conditioning specialist, and will incorporate F.R.C. into his treatment approach as well as his active rehabilitation plan for patients.

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