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Functional Range Assessment in Downtown Toronto

A Thorough Measurement

persons leg with bone illustration laid over itThe “Physical’s Physical” has arrived. Every year or so we go to our Medical Doctor for a check-up or “physical”. Various health markers are checked by evaluating our blood pressure, heart rate, lung health, hormone levels, etc. This “physical” is necessary but missing one crucial health marker: the physical body – joints, muscles, and movement.

The Functional Range Assessment is an objective measurement of your movement capacity for each and every joint. It is prudent that we start taking an objective measurement of our movement capacity so that we can actually direct proper treatment and exercise training to make improvements over time.

Take the guesswork out of your treatments and exercise! Let’s start defining our goals accurately and take the necessary steps to correct our physical bodies.

Why Is This Important?

Low back pain, arthritis, and other various musculoskeletal conditions are directly related to your joint health. Joint health is determined by the joint’s range of motion – both passively and actively. Flexibility (i.e. passive joint range of motion) is valuable, but having mobility (i.e. active joint range of motion) is even more valuable. This is why I measure both and evaluate the quality of your joint movement. And, the healthier your joints, the healthier your physical body and movement.

Take a look around – our bodies tend to get stiff, tight, and painful with increasing age. We develop compensation patterns to adjust for our poor joints, leading to further joint problems and pain. This has typically been regarded as “normal aging”. But it does not have to be!

Functional Range Assessment (FRA) is the objective qualitative and quantitative analysis of your joints and movement capacity. An FRA aims to:

  • Establish your baseline of movement capacity at each and every joint.
  • Quantify the passive and active range of motion for each joint.
  • Evaluate the quality of your movement patterns.
  • Direct you to the appropriate treatment and/or training exercises to improve your deficits.
  • Periodically re-evaluate your movement to check in on your improvements over time. 

Get Started Today

Functional Range Assessment helps me identify your physical health needs and directs me to prescribe the appropriate treatments and/or exercises. The assessment leads directly to the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) mobility exercises to maintain or improve your movement capacity, with or without the need for treatment. When treatment is required, Functional Range Release (FR) complements my various physical therapy and chiropractic techniques to get you out of my office and back to the gym/playground as soon as possible.

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You deserve to live a vibrant, healthy life. Contact Dr. Michael Berenstein now to learn more about how Functional Range Assessment may help you get there!


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