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August 2020 Update

Given the Covid-19 circumstances we’re all living in, it’s understandable if you’re currently experiencing stress, pain, or anxiety. If you’re in need of a treatment, please feel welcome and safe to visit me at the office. Since I re-opened with my new LiveWell Health and Wellness team, patients have been returning to receive their chiropractic care. I have been busy treating various aches and pains, including:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Forearm & Wrist Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Knee Pain
  • Achilles Tendon Tears
  • And everything in between

New Business Update

For me and my colleagues, transitioning back to our physical space at 33 Hazelton Avenue has been familiar and easy. Our patients are returning to their usual physical treatment routines, and we have quickly become accustomed to our new “schedules & duties” which include 15-minute gaps between each appointment so I can:

o   Schedule a patient’s next appointment

o   Process payment

o   Clean & Disinfect the office

While we’re comfortable with our physical space, we are still working out some finer details with the operation of our new business. Please be patient. We spent a lot of time and energy getting the physical space ready for you, including cleaning the entire office and developing our Covid-19 cleaning protocols. Now we are shifting gears to working out the finer details of running the new LiveWell Health and Wellness business.

Without a receptionist (or phone), e-mail communication has become increasingly important. Have a comment, suggestion, or question? E-mail me at

Covid-19 & Cancellations

Need to cancel an appointment last minute due to a Covid-19 related matter? For instance, what happens if you get a call from your child’s school that your child needs to be picked up immediately because of Covid-19 related reasons? E-mail me at so that I can cancel the appointment for you. (Of course, you are capable of cancelling and rescheduling your own appointments anytime other than within 24 hours of your appointment.)

Health Insurance

If you have any problems submitting your insurance receipts, please let me know.

The LiveWell Team

I am pleased to be joined by a number of fantastic colleagues that you are likely already familiar with, including (click on their names to book online):

We have also added a few new faces to our team, including:

Our new Athletic Therapists provide an outstanding new service to complete our “Circle of Care”. In fact, I’ve already referred two patients to Louise for a “second opinion” and for help co-managing their conditions.

I’d also like to shine a spotlight on our new chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Davy. Dr. Davy joins me in the chiropractic department at LiveWell.  Like me, Dr. Davy is a CMCC graduate and practices an evidence-informed, patient-centred style of chiropractic care. Dr. Davy will be at the office on WednesdaysFridays and Saturdays. He will have access to my Cold Laser Therapy modality and Graston Technique tools. His presence in the office will provide you and me with an excellent and reliable 2nd chiropractor. He is ready to look after you when I am unavailable (busy or away), and of course will be growing his own chiropractic practice at LiveWell Health and Wellness.   For more information on Dr. Davy, visit his website.

As always, thank you for your loyalty, patience, and the time spent reading this blog.

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