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Baseball Holiday

I have spent considerable time this week debating the merits of taking Thursday and Friday afternoon off work to watch the Blue Jay playoff games – the first in twenty-two years.  I’ve thought about this enough to warrant a blog entry.

I take my job very seriously.  Not only am I entrusted to help my community recover from injury, but I’m seen as a role model for how to live a happy, healthy life.  This, more times than you think, extends far beyond treating physical injuries.  Patients are encouraged to speak with me about other things going on in their lives – stressful things related to their children, partners, and work.  These elements of care are tied to the outcomes of their physical recovery.  In particular, work-life balance is a frequent conversation.  Finding time to enjoy life, and not be bogged down by work, is such an important aspect of living happy and healthy in the 21st century.

This is why I’m taking Thursday and Friday off work to watch the Blue Jays play baseball.  The Blue Jay game represents an aspect of my life that I am passionate about and is critical to my work-life balance.  Please don’t think I’m abandoning you as a patient.  I’m not.  In all likelihood, these will be the only playoff games this year that interfere with my work schedule.  I could have lied and told you I was sick.  You’d see right through that!  So, in the interest of full transparency, I’m telling you upfront that I will be taking an unexpected baseball holiday.  I’ve extended my hours tonight (Tuesday) and Wednesday to accommodate my patients.

I hope and trust you understand.


Your chiropractor and biggest Blue Jay fan you know,

Dr. Michael Berenstein

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