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Becoming Dr. Berenstein

I often hear chiropractors share near-miraculous success stories from their youth that inspired their pursuit of chiropractic care…this was not the case for me.

My Story is Not What You May Think

Dr. Michael Berenstein

The fact that I looked up to my father as a dentist enhanced my love for science. As I grew older, I became increasingly interested in sports, athletics and the study of science. My academic interest in biology and kinesiology is what ultimately led me towards chiropractic care.

Understanding the human body, the rhyme and reason things worked the way they did simply fascinated me. To me, chiropractic care is the perfect combination of body movement, sports and science.

The Evolution of the Chiropractic Philosophy

Then. Chiropractic care is based on a philosophy of natural healing. The idea is by correcting the underlying issue causing your pain; your body can heal naturally.

Now. Chiropractic care is less about the philosophical aspect of healing and more about the scientific proof that it works, confirming that my original pursuit and passion for chiropractic care was spot on! In my office, I practice scientific evidence-based chiropractic…

Here I am today; ready to help! If you’d like to hear more about evidence-based care that can change your life, give me a call! I’d love to share with you and show you first-hand how it can make a difference in your life. (416) 639-6234

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