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Chiropractic: It's Not Just About Backs

When you think of chiropractic care, it’s natural to associate needing this with back or neck pain. A lot of patients come in to see me for exactly those reasons.

Shoulder Injury

That old shoulder injury? Yes, we can help with that!

I recently had a patient come in with an acute shoulder injury. This gentleman had put his arm in a sling to try to relieve some of his pain and went to his medical doctor, who sent him to me for help. I took off his sling to evaluate him and found he didn’t really need the sling—he just needed help for his problem.

I helped him with laser therapy, which is a simple option for care that often gives immediate results to those in pain. I also performed soft tissue work and gave him some exercises to do to help his shoulder heal faster.

After Just One Day…

He came in for his second visit the next day, this time without the sling. He had full range of shoulder motion and was so thankful that his shoulder problem was simply gone, after it had given him so much trouble. In fact, his medical doctor was equally wowed!

We were able to help with this shoulder injury, and there is really so much more that we can help you with, too. Chiropractic is about caring for your spine, and your spine is responsible for sending messages from your brain to all parts of your body. That means that when your spine is properly aligned, everything will be at its optimal function, leaving you feeling your best.

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