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Sandy (not her real name), a 38-year-old mother of two, recently presented to my office seeking relief of her chronic low back pain. Sandy was an athletic woman and plans to be again. Two children, and prescribed bed-rest during one pregnancy, has somewhat hijacked her physical health. Step one to getting back on track was ridding herself of her low back pain. In the “Relief” phase of her treatment, we are seeing early positive returns to her treatment. The chiropractic adjustments are restoring her pelvic and spinal mobility and balance. And, Laser Therapy is reducing her local pain and inflammation. Today’s blog, however, is not about Sandy’s back pain. Rather, today I highlight a common, remarkable bonus to restoring balance and alignment to the body. Sandy informed me at her second treatment that something had already significantly improved in her life since her first adjustment – she was not getting up in the middle of the night to pee anymore! A miracle, you ask? No! One of two things, if not both, is the explanation: (1) Restoring proper alignment to Sandy’s pelvis took physical pressure off her bladder at night, and/or (2) Improved neurological supply to her bladder due to improved lumbar and sacral alignment has decreased the night-time need to pee. Call it a miracle if you want; I just call it science!

Did You Know?

Bonus effects to chiropractic adjustments happen a lot. Countless times I’ve heard my patients tell me that unmentioned problems improved after beginning treatment. Examples include: Decreased constipation, reduced acid reflux, increased energy.

Chiropractic works by restoring spinal and pelvic joint mobility and balance. But, having this mobility and balance allows our nervous system to function at its optimum. A healthy nervous system, free of tension and physical impairments, allows for our entire body to function at its best, including those ‘unmentionables’.

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