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chiroPRACTICe {pronounced: Chiro’Practice} is my new recurring blog entry where I will share things I learn in practice and in the latest research.

Today’s chiroPRACTICe lesson focuses on Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). When I first opened my doors in private practice I wanted to offer not only exceptional chiropractic care but also the best physical therapy modality available. At the time, and still today (in my opinion – IMO), Laser Therapy is the single best modality to assist the body’s healing capacity. LLLT aims to reduce inflammation and pain while accelerating the cellular healing rate.

Some of the first positive studies on LLLT involved resolution of knee pain.

Today, Research Review Service (a classmate of mine from CMCC started a literature review company to assist manual therapists’ pursuit of staying on top of current research) reviewed a study that focused on the effects of LLLT on medial meniscus injuries (medial meniscus is the cushion in your knee that separates the upper leg from the lower leg). The results are in! A double-blind, placebo controlled study (aka: Gold Standard in research now-a-days) revealed a significant difference and significant positive effects of LLLT on the group receiving LLLT versus the group receiving the ‘sham’ treatment. Results were measured at 4 weeks, 6 moths, and 1 year follow-ups.

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