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Continuing to Evolve My Practice Philosophy to Better Serve You

Often, patients ask me when they should schedule their next visit. In the absence of pain, injury, or physical irritation, this type of visit is classified as a “maintenance” or “supportive care” visit. But, how often should these types of appointments occur?

Well, “old school” chiropractors might promote a high number of visits per year. In fact, upwards of 100 visits/year is not uncommon in that philosophical style of practice.


A Different Approach to Care

As an evidence-informed chiropractor, I reject the archaic chiropractic philosophy, which promotes the idea that spinal joints are frequently misaligned, requiring X-rays to diagnose and, in turn, a ridiculously high number of spinal manipulations (adjustments) to fix. The evidence simply does not support this model of care, and is much more about business than patient care.

Because of this, I’ve recoiled away from this high visit frequency model of care. This is not to give the impression that maintenance visits are not required. Maintenance or supportive care helps prevent future pain and injury, or at least try to maintain the status quo. Truth be told, we cannot prevent future pain and injury completely. But, with some maintenance, we can ensure our bodies stay mobile, strong and healthy.

I will never recommend multiple visits per week, every week, month, and year to stay healthy. But, once a month, for example? This makes a lot of sense to me. Not only does it allow me to assess your body and treat what I find, so there are no surprises months or years down the road, but the visit itself keeps us talking about all the ways you can stay active, mobile, strong and healthy.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

My Practice Philosophy

I want to be available in a crisis to help relieve pain and provide a rehabilitation plan for my injured patients. While we never know when an injury or pain might strike, you can rest assured, I will use all my tools to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. This may require a number of treatments.

Your care may include any or all of the services I provide, such as

Of course, pain is not exclusively a physical problem. Stress, emotion, nutrition, and fatigue can (and do) play a factor.

Looking Toward the Future

Once an acute injury has been resolved, I also want to play a role in your life to provide education, training, and treatment, to at least maintain your physical health, but ideally improve your physicality over time. That’s where the Functional Range and Chiropractic lens proves so valuable.

We all know that as time marches along, our muscles get weaker and our joints get stiffer, both leading to a decrease in the quality of our physicality and life in general. So, rather than waiting for these things to develop, leading to pain or injury, it’s important to stay on top of your physical health with regular exercise that targets cardiovascular health, strong muscles and bones, and mobile joints. And supporting your body and training with my physical care and services. Natural chiropractic care and our other health-promoting services can also help support you on your journey to optimal wellness.

We’re Here to Help

Our team is all about helping you achieve your best health for a lifetime. Call us today to book your visit.


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