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Correction On The Way

I have had some great feedback on the electronic newsletters that I send out every month. I’m glad you are all enjoying them. I am trying to coordinate good topics in a timely manner. As I get more acquainted with my new website and its interactive features I will get better at this process.

Today, I am blogging to report a correction to the latest newsletter regarding the rise of Yoga and its relationship to health, fitness, and chiropractic. One of my regular patients, a student of Yoga who recently acquired her Yoga instructor license, pointed out a mistake in the article. As a student and teacher of Yoga, I’m sure she is correct. When one knows more about a subject than you, I advise you listen. The article mentioned “Hatha Yoga” describing it as a “method” initially described by Yogi Swatmarama in the 15th century. This might not be true. However, my initial “google” and “wikipedia” research seems to echo this fact. However, it is likely that this article pulled such information straight from those sources. In today’s google-world, it is not uncommon to rely on wikipedia facts. But, when a Yoga student and instructor tells me otherwise, I’m inclined to believe her. So, she and I are going to get to the bottom of the origins of Yoga.

To be continued …

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