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Family Day Weekend Thoughts / Set Your Goals v.2012

Blogging during the work-week at times is tough due to an erratic schedule (read: my schedule depends on YOUR schedule). So, on this family-day long weekend Monday, I thought I’d blog about a topic I’ve touched on time and time again: Setting Goals. You can most certainly stumble into accomplishments. But, for proper motivation, set your goals ahead of time. Be realistic, yet challenging. Without setting your goals, you have nothing to aim for. You might, instead, just hope for the best.

As always, my motivation for this blog topic is health and exercise. In years past, you’ve read about my various goals: (i) Run 5km; (ii) Cycle 60km with my father; (iii) Finish a Try-a-Tri length Triathlon; (iv) Finish a Sprint-length Triathlon. Goals set and met. My next goal is to run 10km, and compete and finish the Sporting Life 10km race on May 13.

The last four and a half months have been the busiest of my life, juggling work and new fatherhood. But, I reached a point recently when I realized I had yet to set my exercise goals for 2012. As a result, no exercise was being performed. I set my goal (10km), and started finding the time to work towards the accomplishment. Running at lunch-time or work breaks has become my new ‘thing’, due to my new time restraints of being a daddy (read: love spending time with Nathan).

Point being: Without having set my goal, I would never have gotten off the couch to start achieving it. Need helping planning a realistic goal for your current level of health and fitness? Talk to me. I’m no expert, but I play one in the office ;)

I’m just saying!

P.S. Just wrote this blog after returning from an 8.03km run in 42 minutes. Pace and distance both personal bests. This 10km race will be a piece of cake! Ha!!

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