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Growing Pains (and Plants!) In the Garden

I see a lot of people come in who love to be out in their gardens or who even work as gardeners. All that bending and kneeling is so physically demanding, whether it’s your occupation or your hobby.

Grandma gardening with her grandaughter

So many activities are rough on many parts of our body. How could we help you?

One woman came into our office with swollen knees from constant kneeling in her garden. Those of you who do the same might be able to empathize with her knees, which were the size of watermelons! Her care involved chiropractic complemented by our laser therapy technique, which is for both acute and chronic pain conditions, and often gives immediate relief.

Zapping Away the Pain

The woman came in to see me a few days later, and amazingly, her knees had gone from the sizes of large melons to completely normal! The non-traditional methods we use at our office, such as with the laser therapy, are amazing for problems like the acute swelling this avid gardener experienced. To this day, I continue to see my patient regularly – not for her knees, which aren’t a problem anymore, but for a full body check to make sure she continues to stay in her best shape.

Your extremities, which include your knees, hips, ankles, wrists, shoulders, elbows – really, anything that isn’t your torso – can all have problems that we’re able to care for. Give us a call to find out how we can help you and get you back to your own favorite hobbies!

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