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Holiday Blog

Dear friends, family, and patients,

Less than two weeks till my holiday! Like me, I’m sure you’re counting down the days until your vacation, or time with the family, or just a few days off work to put your feet up. If you recently celebrated Chanukah, I hope you had a nice holiday. My son Nathan still can’t get enough of the dreidels (“Spin it daddy”)! To those celebrating Christmas, “Merry Christmas”. And, to everyone, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.


Each year I like to reflect back and summarize some of the things I have learned and accomplished over the course of the year. Most of these are evolutions of my previous skills and ideas rather than brand new concepts and represent some of my advancements in patient care and focus for my practice. I like to share this with you because, after all, you are my practice. Without you, your loyalty, and your referrals, none of what I learn and do makes a difference. So, THANK YOU!


  1. Advanced Graston Technique: Earlier this year I completed my Graston Technique certification to improve my soft tissue treatment approach. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is quickly becoming the go-to soft tissue treatment method for chiropractors, physical therapists and other manual therapists. You and I have seen great recovery of many injuries when incorporating Graston. I know the stainless steel instruments look scary, but they work!
  2. As the year winds down, so too does my 8-week advanced shoulder rehabilitation course. Taught by the shoulder guru who rehabs the Boston Red Sox, this course has advanced me further in the areas of diagnosis and exercise rehabilitation for the most difficult joint of the body.
  3. From a business perspective, you may have noticed a change in my e-newsletter recently. I was testing out a new newsletter service. I received varying reviews and I appreciated your feedback. I’ve decided to stop using that service. While the information was great, I’ve decided to go in a different direction for 2014: A website overhaul. In 2014 you’ll see a different look to my website and a return to my twice monthly newsletter.

2013 seemed to fly by. I know we always say things like that but this year it really seemed to go fast. My son Nathan turned 2 and my wife Andrea completed all of her psychologist board exams! I hope I helped you all out with your various aches and pains of varying severity. Aches and pains are a part of life and I pledge to be there for you in 2014 when you need me.

I’m in the office till December 19th, 2013, then on vacation and returning on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Thank You for your loyalty and referrals. You are the reason I love what I do. Happy Holidays.

See you soon.


Michael Berenstein

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