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Let's Talk Foot Care

Which is better, barefoot or supportive footwear?

Previously we talked about the “Running Shoe verses Barefoot Running” theory and which one is “better”. The conclusion? Unfortunately, there really isn’t one due to insufficient evidence…

Dr. Michael Berenstein’s Approach


I take this lack of evidence very seriously. So, when it comes to your care, we’ll take an individualized approach to determine what is best for you.

Everyone is different, with different lives and health needs. I’ll take this into consideration and only suggest custom foot orthotics for you when it’s appropriate. I’m not here to suggest orthotics to everyone, it’s important to me to make sure I believe they can help you!

If you’ve had poor foot mechanics that have already led to pain and dysfunction, this is a good indication that orthotics may be right for you. I’ve seen a great response in these cases.

With a closer look at you and your health circumstances, we can decide what will be best for you!

Wondering what can help you feel and live better? Give me a call and let’s take a closer look! (416) 639-6234

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  1. Catherine Kent says
    Feb 04, 2015 at 6:31 PM

    I've been getting orthotics in the last five years from Dr B. Works for my running shoes and winter boots. Great job!

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