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Making Health A Priority

For the majority of us who work five, six, or even seven days a week to earn a living and support ourselves and family, finding time to work on our health gets lost in the shuffle. Conceptually, most of us prioritize our health. But, practically, getting back, maintaining, or improving our health falls to the end of the priority list. Necessarily, it falls behind work, nourishment, and sleep. Sadly, it also tends to fall behind television and other lazy, yet enjoyable, past times.

Today’s blog is just a reminder to move your health promotion up the list.

Factors that dictate our health:

2.Luck (see Genetics!)
4.Healthy Diet

We have no control over #1 & #2. Diet requires some planning, but is very doable. Exercise requires the most commitment. Finding time to exercise may be the most difficult health promotion we need to find time for. Perhaps we need to drop a few t.v shows from our weekly repertoire. Or, maybe we turn our lazy lunch into an exercise session.

Intervention – refers to my role in your life: Chiropractic, Massage, Dentist, Medical Doc, etc. It boggles my mind when people tell me they don’t go to the dentist twice a year, or see their family doc every year for a physical. Less mainstream, but equally important, I find it odd that more people are not making chiropractic and massage part of their routine. Just like the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth, the value of a healthy spine, loose muscles is enormous. The quality of your daily living improves, your functional capacity increases, and it will begin to influence the improvement of the other factors: Sleep, Exercise, & Diet.

I’m just saying!

Dr. B

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