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March 2021

March 2021 has arrived….makes me wonder if March 2020 ever left?!

The pandemic continues, but so does life. Aches, pains, injuries, and the pursuit of health are all still relevant parts of living.

If you’re injured, sore, stiff, or looking for a place to start to get healthy, my office is OPEN, and (unfortunately) I have lots of availability today and lately. Feel safe and welcome to book a visit.


March, 2021 has arrived. Feels more like an extended March, 2020 though. We’ve been through a rollercoaster of doom over the past year. Divisive ideologies, evolving science, frustrating leadership. Instructions have evolved from ‘masks aren’t necessary’ to ‘double-masking is best practice’. Businesses have collapsed. Incomes shrivelled. The inequity of the pandemic is ravaging different people in different ways. Certain communities are at higher risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus, while others have watched their job disappear or their small business erode. Even in a sector like mine – private health services – the pandemic, the lockdown, and the changes to the way we’re working and living have all greatly affected our business. Prior to the pandemic, my day to day work life was full of patients seeking physical health care for rehabilitation of an injury or for improving one’s health and wellness. These days, I’m lucky to have one or two patients on my daily schedule. Vaccines are coming, and hopefully a return to some semblance of life prior to the pandemic. We shall see. We’re in unprecedented times.

But, as a chiropractor, I am very curious where all of the injuries, stiff necks and back pains have gone. Are they still out there? With the poor ergonomics of working at home, combined with the lack of available physical activities, surely the population still has a high level of joint stiffness and muscle aches. With the lack of physical exercise, the likelihood of injuries is now higher. These types of healthcare needs don’t simply wait for a better time to get treated. Stiffness begets more stiffness. Injuries lead to further injury. I assume the masses of people with these ailments are waiting for the pandemic to be over. This is, after all, what our leaders are telling us to do: ‘Stay home, stay safe.’ I cannot disagree with the overall message – keeping people at home, socially distanced is the Covid-19 safe practice. However, we’re approaching the 1-year anniversary of our nation-wide lockdown. One year! That’s a long time without treatment on a stiff neck, sore back, or a case of sciatica.

The take home message from today’s blog is: Stay safe, we’ll get through this pandemic together. But, if you’re at home with a sore part or parts of the body, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment. I’m in the office Monday to Friday, adhering to the strict safety protocols. Our office is not busy, so you will have no problem staying socially distant from anyone but me, and I’ll be wearing an N95 mask and shield.

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