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New Year, Better You

(Note: This is a copy of my January, 2019 Newsletter so if you read it in your email, this will be a repeat)

Happy New Year, 2019 edition!  Well, it was bound to happen: Winter has arrived, full force.  Bitter cold, ice, snow, slush.  I hope you’re keeping warm and adjusting to regular scheduled life again.  And, I hope you had a nice holiday season to end 2018.


Health Ideas for 2019:

  • Keep your appointments!  The mad rush at the end of the year to “get healthy” and use health benefits is a staple in my industry, but I strongly encourage you to use your health benefits throughout the year.  As Benjamin Franklin once said (although it was in reference to fire safety), “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Patients often ask me what I recommend, in terms of treatment for prevention/maintenance.  This is the general answer:
    1. Exercise is most important.  And, moreover, a well rounded exercise program – exercise that challenges the cardiovascular system (“cardio”), weight-bearing strength training (for bone density and muscle mass), and joint mobility (for joint health).  And, while 3 or 4 exercise sessions per week, lasting 30 – 60 minutes is great, even short bursts of exercise (2 to 10 minutes) has value.  Not sure what or how or where or why to even bother:  Please talk to me.
    2. Chiropractic Treatment with me:  Yes, I’m a chiropractor – but, no, my treatments are not 5 minutes in length.  As you know, I take my time and aim to deliver a high value treatment session, addressing your physical complaints, pain, and mobility limitations.  Coming in for regular chiropractic treatments is proving very valuable for many of my patients.  Don’t wait for an injury or pain!
    3. Massage Therapy: While I do quite a bit of soft tissue therapy (think: Graston Technique & Functional Release & other massage techniques), an hour with one of our RMTs is a smart health choice throughout the year.
    4. There are lots of other passive treatments and self-guided health methods that I recommend depending on your situation:  Here’s a short list:  Meditation for relaxation and mental health, acupuncture for relaxation, stress, and as an adjunct to your physical therapy.


  • When my treatment plan for your injury rehabilitation reaches it’s end, I often recommend a high-quality personal trainer to introduce you to the next level of exercise training.  Need a great trainer?  Speak to me – I know some great ones.


  • Canada’s updated Food Guide was released recently.  I spent some time yesterday reviewing it with my son, Nathan.  Unlike previous versions of the Food Guide that may have been influenced by various industry lobbyists, the 2019 Update is a great resource for dietary advice.  Have a look: Canada’s Food Guide


  • Already in 2019, I have heard some disappointing health care stories.  Here’s a quick two:  Two separate patients were recommended by Medical Doctors to go to 1) The Emergency Room and 2) A “specialist” who turned out to be a plastic surgeon for a sprained finger joint!  One questioned this recommendation and came to me instead.  Good!  We are actively rehabilitating her sprained arthritic finger joint.  The other actually went to the “specialist” who then laughed him out of his office.  He is now seeing me for his sore thumb.  The lesson here is: Come See Me!  It does not have to be a spine problem to come see this chiropractor.  If it’s painful, a joint, a muscle, or something you can’t even figure out, please come see me.


And Now This …

What Is Pain Trying To Tell You? – a recent short blog post about pain – an important topic because we all get it, some from time to time, and others all the time.  But, what does it really mean?


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