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Olga, a 41-year-old female office worker, presented to my office in March, 2012 seeking a safe and natural remedy for her chronic low back and hip pains. Her pains began in 1999 and had been treated mostly unsuccessfully with cortisone shots in her hips. Complicating matters, because of her pain, Olga slept every night propped up on pillows. Unfortunately, this back-relieving position caused her to develop numbness in her hands due to the awkward sleeping posture to her neck.

Following a thorough examination including appropriate orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic testing Olga was diagnosed with a twist in her pelvis, and multiple restricted spinal joints throughout her spine. These chronic problems had led to chronic joint irritation and inflammation, weak and tight muscles.

We started treatment immediately. Instead of cortisone shots, we used natural Laser Therapy to reduce inflammation and promote tissue repair around her hips and pelvic joints. Massage therapy helped loosen her muscles. Chiropractic adjustments restored her balance by untwisting the pelvis. We repeated this treatment throughout March, and April. By May, Olga was no longer sleeping with the pillows. Her numbness was almost entirely gone, and her back and hips were much improved. In June, her back pain was gone. She returned in July and August for tune-ups, and continues to report being back and hip pain free, with much less numbness in her hands. Not bad for pains that had been present for 13 years!

Did You Know?

Cortisone shots deliver a steroid into an area of the body that is affected by inflammation. In some circumstances they can be highly effective in reducing pain by reducing the local inflammation. Repeated use can lead to degeneration of tendons, however, so you should limit how often you rely on this procedure. Instead, try natural inflammatory reducing solutions first: Ice application at home, or Low Level Laser Therapy in our office.

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