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In today’s long overdue blog, I present two new re-occurring blog segments:

1.Patient-of-the-Week: A quick recap of a recent patient’s encounter with a musculoskeletal problem and the ensuing road to recovery.

2.Did You know?: A quick factoid about musculoskeletal conditions and/or treatment.

When possible, the two segments will be related. See below for the very first one.

For my loyal client base that dates back to my days at BEND, inside Wellpoint, these blogs will look similar to my “Patient X-Files”.

Chiropractic Patient-of-the-Week: “Pinched Nerve”

Jennie, a 55-year-old artist, presented to my office on June 4, 2012 with a severe spasm near her right shoulder. Her neck was stiff, and radiated pain into her right shoulder blade and arm. Her pains developed out of the blue, but Jennie admitted to years of postural neglect. Following a through examination including appropriate orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic testing Jennie was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy (pain traveling down a nerve from the neck). In Jennie’s case, her radiculopathy was being caused by stiff neck joints that had become so inflamed that her nerves were being irritated by the inflammation. The irritated nerve was causing the intense, unrelenting spasm. We began treatment immediately. Jennie received laser therapy, soft tissue therapy, and chiropractic adjustments to her neck joints. Additionally, Jennie received massage therapy and acupuncture. These kinds of nerve irritations can often last for months. However, Jennie’s commitment to recovery has led her to near 100% recovery, just one month since the onset. Having learned a valuable lesson, Jennie is now committed to maintaining her new level of physical health. Sorry for the pain Jennie, but congratulations on the recovery!

Did You Know?

“Pinched” nerves are rare. Much more common than a nerve being compressed between two spinal bones is a nerve that is irritated, stretched or chafed by adjacent spinal structures and inflammation!

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