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Pillow Fighting!

Approximately nine years ago I graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with a doctor of chiropractic degree. My classmates and I all received parting gifts from various vendors of the industry as we entered the profession. Amongst these gifts was a unique pillow cleverly called ‘Chiroflow’. Chiroflow appears like a generic pillow, but on closer inspection contains nifty gadgetry allowing you to fill it up with water. The water allows you to increase the size and density of the pillow according to your comfort and ideal sleeping position needs. Wanting to meld with the profession I began using my new pillow immediately. I have used the Chiroflow pillow ever since until last week, thus prompting this blog. Chiroflow has been very good to me. I sleep well. By “well”, I mean undisturbed, waking refreshed and without pain. Why did I change pillows then? Well, a few weeks ago I got hit with a nasty cold and cough. I survived! But, all the coughing and sneezing led to pain in my jaw. Cold laser, jaw massage, and manual therapy helped relieve me of my pain. But, before I felt better I had trouble sleeping in my usual position (side sleeping). For the first time in 9+ years I went searching for a different pillow. I felt that the density of my water pillow was creating too much pressure on my temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ). Stashed in my closet was an eight year old, $250, memory-foam cervical pillow. Eight years ago I bought this pillow on discount when I bought my new mattress. At 50% off, I couldn’t resist buying the much hyped memory foam. I hated it instantly and relegated it to the closet in favour of my Chiroflow. Well, eight years later it is back on my bed and changing my opinion.

So, which pillow is better? There is not a correct answer to this question. I like both pillows. Chiroflow is the first pillow I ever felt comfortable to recommend to friends, family, and patients. I never felt comfortable recommending pillows that I didn’t use myself. Chiroflow is sold at Satori for this very reason. And, at around $65 it is one of the most affordable cervical pillows on the market. Historically, I’ve criticized the contoured, memory-foam pillows. I won’t anymore. It takes a bit getting used to the contours to find the right side of the pillow to use for your size, but I’ve adapted well and am continuing to sleep well. Perhaps I’m a good sleeping regardless of the pillow I use. Or, perhaps both pillows are exceptional. Bottom line is this: I’m better equipped to answer your pillow questions now. I’ve pillow fought and emerged rested. Water versus foam? I’ll call it a tie.

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