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Settling In

New Office @ 151 Bloor St West, #840

New Office @ 151 Bloor St West, #840


I just hung up my diplomas and artwork in my new office. So, that settles it: I’m here and settled in. It has been a busy first couple of weeks in my new office. The early reviews from patients so far are that the new space is brighter, roomier, with a great view! Thanks to all of you for the positive vibes so far. What hasn’t changed is my dedication to your health – whether you visit me for wellness and maintenance of your body, pain management, or injury rehabilitation, I am committed to providing you with comprehensive chiropractic care and rehabilitation services. And, to that end, I’m sharing this new space with physiotherapist, James Braithwaite. James and I will be able to collaborate on patient care if and when necessary.

As a chiropractor, I typically see a lot of neck and back pain patients. These areas of pain are incredibly common, with various origins such as stiff spinal joints, tight or weak muscles, lack of exercise, poor sleep or nutrition, or stress. But, various other conditions walk (or limp) into my office too. My recent patient encounters have brought me some interesting injuries, such as:

    • 1-year old nagging Rotator Cuff shoulder injury
    • Insertional Achilles Tendonitis
    • Very painful Rib Joint Irritation, complicated by Scoliosis

Like most injuries, the recipe for recovery is a combination of treatment and exercise (and some patience!) While some new pains and injuries can respond to treatment/exercise really quickly, many pains and injuries do take some time to properly recover. If you’re struggling with a pain or injury, don’t delay, make an appointment so we can begin your recovery process.


Recovery from pain or injury often requires some change:  Change to your daily routine, exercise habits (or lack thereof), or mindset.  And change can be hard.  So, again, if you’re struggling with a pain or injury, book a visit to learn what changes are necessary. I know all about change(s):  My previous clinic (Satori) closed its doors at the start of the pandemic.  My colleagues and I returned to the space under a new name and ownership (LiveWell), and, as you know, I’ve made a longer lasting change in moving to 151 Bloor Street, #840.  I’m already happier in my new office and I look forward to years of patient care here on Bloor Street.  My website has gone through a renovation as well (new Logo pictured).  I hope you enjoy the new site and feel free to browse around the various educational information contained on the site.

Further, as my journey as your chiropractor continues, this time running my own office, I invite you to stay engaged with me on my social media sites.  Feel welcome to ask questions, make comments, or simply follow/like me for fitness and health inspiration and tips.



Lastly (for now), I invite you to SPREAD THE WORD about my chiropractic care.  My business is mostly about word-of-mouth recommendations to your friends, family and colleagues.  If someone you know is in need of care, let them know I’m here to help.  And, if you don’t mind sharing your positive reviews on Google, please do by clicking here to help me help others!

Stay active, stay safe, and I’ll see you in the new office!

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