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So Much To Talk About

…where to begin? Let’s start with the most relevant to most people: SNOW! Snow arrived, as scheduled, this morning. This is relevant because we tend to do more of the following when snow arrives:

1.Slip & Fall
3.Tense Up
4.Longer Time Spent Sitting in the Car

This is all bad for the back regardless how you do it. The twisting and bending of shoveling is dangerous to our joint complexes of the low back. So, remember the following:

1.Shovel small loads
2.Take breaks from shoveling to recover
3.Stretch and warm up prior to shoveling
4.Maintain your back curves while shoveling
5.Avoid bending and twisting when throwing the shovel to the side; Rather, push small amounts to the end of the walkway/driveway.

…other news: If it you had a hard time booking an appointment with me last week it was because I was off learning some new and exciting skills. Through the Upledger Institute, I studied level 1 CranioSacral Therapy. What does this mean to you? It means I can now integrate some new techniques into your treatment plan that will serve to increase your ability to recover, maintain, and improve your health.

There is a ton of techniques in the world of manual therapy that can be integrated into a chiropractic treatment plan. I am not doing my job if I am not continually learning more ways to help you. Look for my next blog (soon) where I will explain CranioSacral Therapy and how it will be beneficial for you. In this blog, I will explain what it is, how it works, where it comes from, and I will do so from MY perspective.

Till then …

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