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Tensegrity & Why Stretching Alone Is Not Enough

I’ll attempt to keep the written portion of this blog short, because … drum roll, please: I made a Video Blog!  Click here, or here, or here to link to my youtube channel to watch.

Tensegrity refers to the integrity of a 3D Model, such as the human body.  The integrity of the forces of tissue keep our body together, three dimensionally.  It is able to do this because the connective tissue (bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) communicate with each other constantly via FORCE – whether that force is applied to the body from external sources, or from within the body via movement and force generation by our tissue.  This happens at a macroscopic level (muscles, etc.) because it happens at a microscopic level (cellular, extracellular).  It is this science that helps drive the scientific advancements in physical therapy, including ideas I’ve shared with you about why stretching alone is not enough to make physiological change, such as injury prevention, range of motion increases, or improved posture.  Forces via strength communication through ranges of motion need to occur to make communicatory change to our tissue.

And, for fun, you’ll notice a new toy in my office to help illustrate this point (in case my blabbing isn’t enough to drive home the point).

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