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The minority strike again!

Just a quick blog this morning between “phys ed” and “math” class.  Today, the CBC exposed some chiropractors across the country claiming chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, is an important health service to fight COVID-19.  The chiropractors making these claims are the minority of the profession.  Their non-evidence-based claims are preying on their patient base’s fears about the virus.  They are promoting in-office visits for spinal manipulation.  There is no good evidence that spinal manipulation boosts the immune system and certainly no evidence that it fights COVID-19.  The chiropractic colleges (regulatory bodies) and associations (Canadian and provincial) do not support their claims.  Nor do I.  You have not received such claims from me or my office because there is no truth to them.

I have worked hard to earn your trust, and I will continue to share with you evidence-informed health care advice.  I will help you navigate the health world so you can avoid misinformation.

My advice to you as your chiropractor, and fellow human being, is stay home and stay safe.  Get plenty of sleep.  Work towards good mental and physical health through evidence-informed methods, like physical activity, meditation, daily affirmations.  Try to eat well with the limited groceries you might have.  Just do your best.

And if you have questions about your health, physical injuries, don’t hesitate to email me.  If you’re confused about the CBC article and have questions, ask me.  And, if you need a virtual consultation to review your injury rehabilitation, you are welcome to request one by emailing me.  There is no charge ($0) for these consults.

Stay home, Stay safe, See you when this is all over,

Dr. Berenstein

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