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Tissue Capacity Matters

Inspired by our recent winter relapse and the return of ‘shoveling injuries’ comes this important ‘Patients of Dr. Berenstein’ service message:

You cannot be “safe” with your lifting and movements all the time. This is why the idea of “always bend with your knees” doesn’t really work. There will come a time when you cannot or forget to ‘bend with your knees’ and the result is going to be a low back injury.

Then, you’re going to wonder if it is a disc herniation, a joint pain, a muscle strain, or some combination of these ‘anatomical injuries’.

The reason exercise is so beneficial to treating and preventing back pain is because it raises the anatomy’s tissue capacity. When the LOAD on your tissue exceeds your TISSUE CAPACITY, the result is INJURY. You cannot avoid load, so we all must ensure we raise our tissue capacity.

If this concept is foreign to you (and it might be because health care providers have not taught patients how to tolerate load), or you’re not sure what or how to do it, then it’s time to come in for a visit.

I am always here to provide treatment for pain and injury, but I really enjoy helping you PREVENT injury.


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