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Triathlon Season 3.0

Hi faithful blog readers. Sorry for the lengthy lapse between blogs. I’ve been lazy. I’ll pick it back up though this summer. Lots to tell you and remind you:

1.Triathlon Season is around the corner. June 18th is my first Sprint Tri of the season: 750Km Swim, 20Km Bike, 5km Run. I’ve been training hard in the pool to better my swim time and, more importantly, reduce the panic that tends to settle in a third of the way into the swim. Arms and legs kicking and splashing, dark water, and no way out but to complete the swim is plenty of reason to panic, but I’m hoping that I’m stronger than ever this year. A more efficient swim will do me wonders for the race. Last year I felt drained after the swim.

2.Life has been busy, settling into our new home, the new office, and now with the most exciting news of all: my wife Andrea is pregnant with our first child – due November 3rd. So, lots going on !

3.Reminder to you all: Spring/Summer weather means no excuses to not be outside getting fit and active: Walks, runs, biking, swimming, gardening, whatever! Find something you like to do and turn it into motivation. Make a race out of it: Beat your time, go faster, further, work up a sweat. I’ll help you with your injuries: You just do your part!

More to come, including an update on Triathlon Season 3.0

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