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Upper Body Mobility

This week I uploaded a new video to my YouTube Channel and social media outlets (do people refer to social media sites as ‘outlets’?).  The video is approx. 7 minutes, moving through an upper body mobility routine to ensure the neck, shoulder blades, shoulder joint, and thoracic spine are doing what they’re supposed to do.  Of course, like all of my videos, and exercises in general, a proper diagnosis and understanding of why you might be suffering with neck pain, back pain, or a shoulder problem should happen before assuming that all you need is ‘exercise’.  But, with that said, everyone needs exercise.  A long time ago, life was full of movement and exercise, but nowadays, life is very sedentary unless we purposely infuse movement and exercise into our daily routines.

Check out the video, and at the very least, allow these mobility exercises serve to provide you a self-assessment of what you can do, and what you cannot do.  Then, we can have a chat, or a consultation as to why it hurts, or why it doesn’t move the way it should.

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