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Various Health Related Thoughts...

Well, my blogging frequency has dwindled. It’ll pick up again though. I’ve been busy juggling work while we sort through various new home tasks: Television cable wires, telephone cable wires, alarm system, etc. All seems to be in order now. So, below are a collection of random health related thoughts that have appeared in my brain over the past month or so:

1.Teach your children not just how to ride a bike, but also where and when: While driving home from work a couple of weeks ago I witnessed an almost-accident involving two cars and a little girl on a bike. Here are the facts from my perspective: Yonge street, dark outside, and I’m driving northbound. I notice a little girl riding her bike on the sidewalk. Isn’t riding your bike on the sidewalk illegal? {someone with legal knowledge please let me know} She was wearing a helmet. Good girl. But, she was not only on the sidewalk, but also traveling northbound on the southbound side of the street’s sidewalk. She continues to ride through an intersection. A car turning left slams on the breaks to avoid hitting the girl on her bike. This causes a southbound car to slam on its breaks to avoid hitting the northbound car. Horns wailed, and the girl unaware continued to ride on. MESSAGE: If you’re going to ride on the sidewalk, use the side of the street that is moving in your direction. And, stop at the intersections!

2.REMINDER: Three pillars to musculoskeletal health: i) Strength ii) Flexibility iii) Joint Health. If any of these three pillars are sub-par, you are going to run into MSK health concerns at some point. MESSAGE: Improve all three. Do not rely on being really good at one. I hear so many people say that they’ll be fine because of their strength, or flexibility. What if your joints are stiff? What if you’re strong, but not flexible? What if you’re flexible and mobile, but weak? You need all three!

3.COLLABORATION: Working at Satori Urban Wellness has been enlightening since I began here in July. Already co-managing patients with the massage therapists, osteopath, naturopath has led to improved patient care and faster symptom resolution for our patients. MESSAGE: To achieve optimal wellness, do as much as you can to improve yourself. As a chiropractor, I can help achieve pain relief, joint mobility and alignment, and overall well-being. But, in concert with a naturopath and massage therapist, we start improving more areas of your body at once. Try it. You’ll be amazed.

4.Continuing Education: I am really excited to learn and implement CranioSacral Therapy. I will be taking a course next month, and I’ll be excited to offer this technique as part of my treatment skill set soon. More info to follow …

I’ll blog more in the coming days, weeks.

For now, Happy Halloween!

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