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Why Are You On My Newsletter Mailing List

You are on my mailing list because once upon a time you, or a friend, family member, doctor, other health professional thought it was a good idea to come see me. The majority of you (slightly less than all) were rewarded with a positive outcome. Whether orthotics realigned your gait to help your achy feet or creaky knee, or an adjustment relieved your low back or neck pain, or the laser healed your sprained ankle, you were amongst the many successful patient outcomes I have enjoyed over the years. So, I added you to my list of newsletter subscribers. You are free to unsubscribe (and re-subscribe) anytime. My hope is that the positive intentions you had the first time we met carry forward and inspire you to continue to read my articles pertaining to health and wellness. Through it all, my intentions are to keep you engaged in the pursuit of health and wellness. To that end, I hope to stay in touch with you for years to come, providing you with quality wellness care in the form of chiropractic, physical therapy, laser therapy, orthotics, and appropriate referrals to my allied colleagues.

If you are one of the many who met me in the past and continue to visit me to stay aligned, mobile, and well, I thank you for your loyalty. I also commend you on your continued pursuit of staying well and/or your patience and persistence to get better. If you have not been in to see me since we first met, or in a long time, remember that my door to you never closes. I not only welcome you back to my office to re-engage in the wellness pursuit, but I encourage it.

In a twist of popular thought, the healthiest patients I see are the ones I see on a routine basis. Life is stressful, and the body absorbs all of this stress – whether it be physical (posture, sports injuries), emotional, psychological (work stress), or chemical (smoking, alcohol). To stay well, we must have a body that can rid itself of these stresses. An aligned, mobile, healthy spine will foster an optimum nervous system to deflect these stresses and keep the body functioning at its best.
Make 2012 the year you continue to engage or re-engage in the pursuit of wellness. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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