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Why I Don't Use Pictures

I’ve mentioned my intent on writing this blog to a few of you, so I better get it written.  With the introduction of FRC into my treatment/training approach, I’ve been asked if I can send along pictures do demonstrate what we do in the office.  In short, “no”.  The “picture” does not say a 1000 words in this case.  It’s more about the intent you have when doing FRC.  I would need to draw an anatomically correct diagram, with arrows going in all sorts of directions to explain what needs to be happening in your head when you’re in the “pictured position”.  I’d rather just teach you the principles, show you the positions, and build from there.

FRC principles follow science.  The positions are hard to draw, and the “actions” are even harder.

I’ll upload “photos” to facebook from time to time (a couple on there already), but the active component of care really needs to taught in person.  I don’t want to send someone home with a picture that they misread and end up hurting themselves.

The PAILs/RAILs component of FRC does require positioning.  Let’s learn this in the office.  And, the actions after the 2-minute stretch need training.  Let’s learn this in the office.

The CARs (controlled articular rotations) component of FRC is all about the motion.  This is incredibly difficult to draw.

This is why I don’t use pictures.

I’m your health partner in both the passive and active components of therapy.  Let’s not rely on stick figures.  Let’s use our bodies.

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