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Autumn Fall Leaves‘Tis the season for a newsletter/blog from your friendly neighbourhood chiropractor.  We’re in the countdown towards the holiday season.  Some things are a constant this time of year: Leaves are changing colour, damp and cold weather is upon us,  cold and flu season has arrived (as if you needed me to point that out).  And, aches and pains tend to spike this time of year – whether it’s due to the changing season, the stress of the coming holiday season, or something unique to you.  So, with that said, I remind you of something I wrote pre-pandemic in October 2019:

When external factors change, remember that the things you have control of do not have to change.  Here’s a list of factors you have control of which will affect aches and pains and suppressed immune systems:

  • Maintain your healthy diet
  • Maintain your exercise routine
  • Maintain your mental health improvement strategies
  • Stay on track with your physical health rehabilitation plan
  • Keep/make your appointments with me to help you maintain your physical health and improve your overall well-being.
  • Get to bed on time.  Sleep quality and quantity are major factors.

In my last newsletter, I focused on the role of mental health in physical pain.  This was a necessary newsletter because it is undeniable that our mental health affects our physical status (and vice-versa).  Many of you discussed this newsletter with me, in person, at your appointment.  Thank you for continuing to share with me aspects of your life, especially when it pertains to your pain.  Simply sharing and talking is therapeutic.  But, the title of this newsletter is “nuts & bolts” because I want this newsletter to serve as a reminder of the physical therapy tools I have to help you recover from an injury, reduce pain, improve function, and strive for wellness.

  • Soft Tissue Therapy:  Soft tissue therapy refers to physical treatment of “soft” tissue – such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Hands-on massage techniques such as Functional Release, or an instrument assisted technique like the Graston Technique, or even vibrational massage with a hand-held device, are all forms of soft tissue therapy.  Alone, these are effective techniques to help relieve pain and tension.
  • Joint Care: Manual therapy of the joints of the body is another effective hands-on approach to pain and injury.  Restoration of ‘normal’ or ‘ideal’ joint motion is a necessary technique to assuring the body functions and feels its best.
    • Spinal Joints (The spine gets it’s own category!): Most people think of the spine when talking chiropractic.  This is largely due to historical context: in the ‘olden’ days, chiropractors mostly were the spine or back doctor.  Nowadays, evidence-informed chiropractors usually work from head to toe.  However, the spinal joints do deserve special attention because of the complexity and importance of spine health.  The spine not only has to move well, but it has to protect our spinal cord.  Keeping the spinal joints mobile and the spinal muscles strong is critical for health and longevity.
  • ExerciseUnless you’ve been living under a rock for a while (which is possible, thanks to pandemic living), you’ve likely heard that exercise is important.  Talking exercise with my patients is routine.  Whether we’re talking about starting a general exercise routine, or prescribing specific rehabilitative exercises for a specific injury, exercise is important.  Not sure what’s right for you?  Let’s talk.
  • Laser Therapy: If you’ve ever seen me for assistance with an injury, you’ve likely already experienced laser therapy.  This evidence-based physical therapy modality speeds up the healing process, reduces pain and inflammation, and for some is described as ‘magic’.  It’s not magic – it’s just great science, and I have an excellent laser therapy device.

Soft tissue treatments, combined with manual therapy for your joints, with or without Laser Therapy, and exercise prescriptions tend to be what I do with my patients on a day-to-day basis. Back and neck pain, headaches, extremity injuries, all tend to respond well to these treatments.  And, of course, none of these treatments occur without a thoughtful diagnosis after examining and talking to you.

If you need assistance with a pain, an injury, or doing what you can do get and stay healthy, I am available.  Give me a call, reply to this newsletter, or book an appointment.  I’m COVID-19 vaccinated (and boosted!), and adhering to the COVID-19 safety precautions.

Holiday Schedule:

Friday, December 17 is my last day in the office for 2021, returning Monday, January 3, 2022

If I do not see you before the holidays, I wish you a healthy and safe holiday season, and all the best for a good (gotta’ be better, right?!) new year!

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