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Virtual Consultations via Physitrack or JANE (update as of March 27)

For the foreseeable future in-person chiropractic treatment is unavailable.  In its place is VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS.  Obviously, manual therapy cannot take place in a virtual consultation, but I will to be able to provide you with valuable education, advice, exercise instruction, and some assessment through visualization of your movement combined with your feedback.

If you are already my patient and you want or need a virtual consultation with me, please email me at:

Once I receive your consultation request email, I will direct you to this blog to help direct you on how to be prepared for the consultation.

Click Here to be redirected to the “How To Blog”  for using virtual consults / tele-health via JANE (In testing, I prefer the Jane platform)




Below are the instructions for tele-health using Physitrack

Your virtual appointment is run via a program called Physitrack.  Another (maybe easier) option is also coming via our usual booking software: JANE (I will write a separate blog about it HERE and hyperlink this sentence once written). 

It’s essentially an appointment via video conference – you and I can discuss your current symptoms and monitor your progress.  We will also go through some basic assessments and review your rehab exercises.  I can then provide recommendations, modify your rehab accordingly and use the program to demonstrate the exercises.  I can also send you exercise videos via Physitrack. 


What You Will Need:

  1. A computer with a webcam (most laptops have them built in) and a web browser (the program works best on Firefox or Chrome). OR, the Physitrack app on your phone/tablet and a stand that can point the camera in your direction while going through movements.
  2. Some open floor space to be able to go through the exercises with the camera pointing in that direction.


Helpful Suggestions:

A computer webcam is often best as it can easily be positioned, but a phone/tablet with a stand also works. Having the computer or phone positioned on a desk with the open floor space behind you works well.

  • Choose a location that has good internet/wifi access to minimize connection issues.
  • Headphones are often helpful for sound quality, but if you don’t have then your computer or mobile device speakers will be fine.


To Do Before Your Appointment:

Basically, decide if you’ll be using your phone/tablet or a computer/laptop.

  •  Phone/Tablet: You will need to download & install the PhysiApp from the app store.
  • Laptop or Computer w/ webcam: You will just need to visit the website using either the CHROME or FIREFOX web browser.


Five Minutes Before Your Appointment:

Click on the link in the email I send you to open the program and wait for the call from me – you don’t have to do anything else except to wait for the call notification to appear.

If you cannot find the email or are having issues – I will email you again with the link at the time of your appointment.

Payment and Receipts:

Until further notice, there is no charge for a virtual consult.


As always, you are also welcome to email me with any questions you may have about your physical health.  


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at OR via the EMAIL US link on my website.